Water Purification Services

A Water Purification System That Has Been Set up in a Garage.

With Water Purification Service, We Can Ensure You Have the Cleanest, Safest Water.

No matter if your home operates on well or municipal water, your supply could be contaminated with thousands of microbial dangers, even after water treatment. Home water purification systems provide complete elimination of toxins, bacteria, and even viruses, so you know your family’s water is clean. water purification systems come in both point of entry and point of use models so you get just the product you’re expecting. For help deciding between all the purification systems available or to make an appointment for water purification services in Aledo, TX, call our water treatment specialists at (817) 205-6411.

What’s in Your Water?

Even with water treatment completed by the city, your home water supply may still have particles like metals, pesticides, and even poisons such as arsenic. These particles can cause health issues such as digestive and breathing issues as well as bladder and skin irritation, and usually enter your water through leaky pipes and natural ground seepage. Also found in your water can be multiple viruses, bacteria, and other organisms that may lead to sickness. A water quality test can deliver details on the contaminant kind and concentration level within your water. Call the Oliver's Pure Water water treatment specialists now to learn more about how home water purification services in Aledo, TX can efficiently provide healthy, great tasting water. Below are just some of the problems that occur in your well and city water.

Well Water Problems

Well Water Problems

Your home’s well water problems can be easily remedied with water purification services in Aledo, TX by the experts at Oliver's Pure Water. Such problems include:

Hydrogen Sulphide (Rotten Egg Smell)

Hydrogen Sulphide is the gas that you’re smelling. It is formed a few different ways:

1. Decay of organic matter from the bottom of lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, etc.
2. Sulfur-containing minerals in soil and rock formations underground.
3. Sulfate-reducing bacteria convert elemental sulfur into Hydrogen Sulphide Gas.
4. The Magnesium anode rod inside hot water heater reacts with sulfates in water.
*If you have Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria, Air Injection Systems Will Not Work. The bacteria will feed on “oxygen” just as they feed on sulfur, creating a slime inside the off-gas tank that will ruin the filter media and stop working after a year or so.

A Man Using a Water Pump To Get Water Out of a Well.

Bacteria, Hydrogen Sulphide, and Iron Can Be Found in Your Well Water.

*Chlorine systems require too much contact time. Who wants to put a “big black storage tank” in the yard? On top of that, the water usually doesn’t taste very good. We provide water purification services for sulfate water problems in Aledo, TX, Weatherford, Fort Worth, Benbrook, and other nearby cities.

Iron (Red Stain)

Iron is mainly found in two forms: either soluble ferrous iron or insoluble ferric iron. Water containing soluble ferrous iron is clear and colorless until it is oxidized, sometimes in the pressure tank, or exposed to the atmosphere at which time it becomes insoluble ferric iron. Ferric iron turns the water cloudy and a reddish brown substance will form causing stains.

*When iron exists along with certain types of Bacteria problems can become worse. The bacteria feed on the iron leaving behind a reddish brown or yellow slime that can clog regular iron filters and produce a smell.


Total Coliform Bacteria are a group of bacteria that any local lab is going to test for. They are kind of like “indicator” bacteria to see if conditions in the well are too suitable for other harmful bacteria. If you have coliform bacteria, this does not mean the water is unsafe. These bacteria are just a nuisance, loving your water heater, creating a slime on pipes and the inside of tanks, and producing a foul smell. The bacteria to look for are fecal coliform, bacteria that come from warm-blooded animal waste, and e. coli which comes from human waste.

To get water purification services for your well water in Aledo, TX, please call us at (817) 205-6411! We can provide free water testing to determine what water problems you have and how to solve them.

City Water Problems

City Water Problems

At Oliver’s Pure Water, we specialize in water purification services for city water problems in Aledo, TX and the surrounding areas that can include:

Calcium (White Spots)

85% of America’s water is hard, contaminated with dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, scale and limestone that can dry out your skin, age your plumbing, and ruin appliances like dishwashers, coffee makers and water heaters. These hard water minerals from deposits on the inside of your plumbing, white spots on dishes and a film on shower doors.

* Spot Free Rinse cycles at the car wash use water softeners to remove calcium from rinse water.


A Water Tower Tank against a Blue and Cloudy Sky.

Chlorine, Sulfate, and T.D.S. Are Found in City Water That Hasn’t Had Proper Water Treatment.

Yes, chlorine is in the water problems section, not the solution section. City water, municipal water or a small water provider (they are the worst) dump chlorine in the water like its going out of style…..which it is actually. Chlorine in drinking water should be removed. We have tested some city water that had over 6ppm chlorine, this is double what a swimming pool should have. Why are we so comfortable with chlorine? I do not like the burn in my eyes when I swim and I detest the redness in my children’s eyes when they swim, yet some of the smaller water providers have more chlorine in the water than a swimming pool is supposed to have. I have tested many local city water sources with a chlorine residual of over 4 ppm. A pool should be between 1 ppm to the 3ppm max.

T.D.S (Total Dissolved Solids)

Refers to the total amount of all inorganic and organic substances, including minerals, salts, metals, cations or anions. While T.D.S. is not considered a primary pollutant, high T.D.S levels typically indicate hardness. If “0” T.D.S. is desired, Reverse Osmosis is needed. Reverse Osmosis systems are the only method to remove sodium. Reverse Osmosis is the exact same process bottled water goes through.

Bad Taste and Odor

This is likely due to Chlorine and Chlorine Byproducts. In some cases where the city pulls water from a lake, it may get worse when the lake turns. Some tastes and smells like to hide inside hard water minerals.

Sulfate which is a combination of sulfur and oxygen (SO4) exists as a dissolved salt in the water. As such it is colorless and odorless. It is not to be confused with the gas in the water that causes a rotten egg odor. This is a combination of Hydrogen and Sulfur (H2S). Removal technology is totally different for the two forms of sulfur. Sulfate will react with aluminum and magnesium (what anode rods inside water heaters are made of) and produce that nasty smell in the hot water only.

The US Primary Drinking Water Regulations list safe levels of sulfates at 500 ppm (mg/l) in drinking water and Secondary Drinking Water Regulations for sulfates at 250 ppm (mg/l). At this level or above, sulfates can cause diarrhea and resulting dehydration.

If you think you have water problems in your city water, call our water treatment specialists at (817) 205-6411 to get water purification services in Aledo, TX.

Water Purification Services for Well and City Water

Because there can be a ton of bacteria, sulfates, chlorine, and other contaminants in your well or city water, it’s important to get the necessary water purification services for your Aledo, TX home. When you call us for water treatment, we will provide free water testing. This will determine what contaminants and particles are in your water. From there we will determine what water treatment system would be best for your home. No matter if you use the city or well water, we have the system for you!

Well Water Treatment

Well Water Treatment

Though well water can be ideal for saving money and giving unlimited water use, it also presents unique requirements that other systems don’t. Your well water needs to be properly filtered and disinfected to ensure its safety and healthiness. The Oliver's Pure Water experts will help you identify the ideal system to make sure your water is continuously clean and safe. Call our experts now at (817) 205-6411 to find out about each of your well water treatment options with our water purification services in Aledo, TX.

Your Well Water Treatment System Options

A Silver Water Softener Is Set Up in a Garage.

Water Softeners Are One of the Suggestions We Provide During Our Water Purification Services.

Typically, well water must complete considerable treatment to be deemed healthy enough to use. A purification system is a must and removes all organic and inorganic matter and elements out of your water. Disinfection is another crucial step of the well water treatment process and can include one of many kinds of disinfectant systems, from chlorine injected disinfection to ozonation systems. Disinfectant systems deliver removal of bacteria and viruses in your water that can cause sickness or infection. Distillation treatments may also be required for some wells, and deliver effective elimination of harmful impurities by using evaporation. Water acid neutralizers and water softeners are also able to be applied to well water treatment systems and can provide a balanced pH and removal of elements that may cause dry skin and build upon your fixtures. The Oliver's Pure Water team are able to provide the guidance and information you’re looking for to identify the ideal well water treatment design for your home with our water purifications services in Aledo, TX.

Expert Service

Whether you’re in search of a brand-new well water treatment installation, or you only need service, our experts are ready to help. We provide an extensive water quality test that determines any impurities in your water and discusses all of your water treatment choices. Call the Oliver's Pure Water professionals when you want to experience well water treatment with our water purification services throughout Aledo, TX that you can rely on.

City Water Treatment

City Water Treatment

Your city water could be overrun with particles that have been picked up during pipe travel and can even be left behind from past treatment. These particles can cause funny odors and tastes along with some health issues. The Oliver's Pure Water professionals will deliver water purification services for your city and drinking water around Aledo, TX that removes harmful particles to leave pure, healthy water for your loved ones.

Your City Water Treatment Options

A Man Installing a Water Purification System

Our Water Treatment Specialists Will Find the Best System for Your Home.

If your home’s water isn’t as clean as it could be, our experts will provide the knowledge and skill you need to identify the perfect treatment system for you. We perform a complete water quality evaluation to pinpoint your impurities and offer viable system options for every budget. We will discuss your options, explaining the differences between filtration and purification, and will help you decide on a point of use or point of entry system. Our skilled techs have experience in each style of system to offer reliable repair, part and filter replacement and maintenance services. Call to speak with the Oliver's Pure Water experts about each of the city and drinking water treatment solutions available through our water purification services in Aledo, TX. We can deliver the treatment you need for healthier water in your home.

Water Treatment Service You Can Trust

Get quality tasting water that you know isn’t bad for you when you call us for water purification services in Aledo, TX. Our water treatment specialists will be able to properly install your system and ensure that you get fresh, safe water for your home. We want nothing more than for you to have access to water that is clean, so we will do our very best to ensure this happen.

Experienced Water Tests

The Oliver's Pure Water experts will provide water quality tests that are complete and detailed about your alien particle types and saturation. Our professionals perform your home’s water quality test quickly and conveniently and deliver real options that are reliable and cost-efficient. Get comprehensive, accurate water quality testing around for your home when call us at (817) 205-6411 for water purification services in Aledo, TX at an affordable cost.