Watching For Snakes Near Well Water

snake in waterIn 2011, the Sessions family of Southeast Idaho decided they had had enough – after two years of living on snake infested property, they decided to leave and never look back. Their five bedroom dream home turned out to be situated on a garter snake den, where thousands of snakes return during the fall and winter months to ball together for warmth and access spring breeding. The Sessions family would lie awake at night, listening to the snakes slither through the walls, and were often forced to eat at restaurants due to their foul smelling water that was tainted with snake musk. What a nightmare!

Snake musk is released as a warning to predators when threatened, and garter snakes are rumored to release the worst smelling snake musk of all. While most snakes do not burrow new holes to live in, they are known to take residence in existing holes made by other animals or humans. Snake musk released in large quantities in underground burrows can potentially affect well water sources.

What if my water smells bad?

If you notice an unpleasant odor in your well water, contact the professionals at Oliver’s Pure Water to have your water tested. While snake musk in well water is indeed a rarity, foul smelling water is usually an indicator that your water systems should be services. Call today at (817) 205-6411 for quick, accurate water testing!