Water Treatment in Granbury, TX

The river in Granbury is beautiful to look at, but would you want to wash your dinner down with that water? Texas isn’t particularly known for its clear waters. Oliver's Pure Water provides water treatment in Granbury, TX and other purification services designed to make your tap water clean and pure.

  • Ozone Have chlorine, bacteria, and iron removed from your water completely with ozone water treatment systems.
  • Products Whether you want better tasting water or want water that doesn’t smell, we have the water treatment product for you.
  • Water Purification Water purification services make it easy for us to remove contaminants and particles that cause unhealthy water.
A Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System Installed Underneath a Kitchen Sink.

Want Water Treatment in Granbury, TX? Oliver’s Pure Water is the Water Treatment Company To Call.

If you want to eliminate the odor and taste of your water, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss an ozone purification system. Ozone is used to disinfect drinking water and helps greatly with resolving taste and odor issues.

At Oliver's Pure Water, we take care of contaminants that cannot be filtered as well. Hydrogen sulfide’s the culprit of the rotten-egg smell we associate with well water, is not filterable, but we can convert it to elemental sulfur, which can be filtered quite easily. Similarly, soluble ferrous iron is not filterable, but our ozone purification systems oxidize (that is, add oxygen) the iron, converting it to ferric iron, which is easily filtered. Any bacteria that live off the iron can then be killed and removed.

Our ozone purification systems are fully-automatic, require little to no maintenance and have no history of failure. To get started on your hard water treatment services in Granbury, TX, call Oliver's Pure Water today at (817) 205-6411. When we finish our work, a tall glass of water will suddenly seem much more appealing.