Water Treatment in Fort Worth, TX

Do you have foul-tasting tap water? Oliver's Pure Water are the water treatment gurus in Fort Worth, TX. Our water services include purification systems that oxidize and filter your water to remove any minerals, chemicals or bacteria that may be contaminating it.

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A Water Softener That Has Been Installed in a Room.

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From time to time, Fort Worth residents experience changes in the taste and odor of their drinking water due to changes in the water supply for certain areas. While the water is safe for drinking, cooking, showering, and all other purposes, the taste can be unbearable for some.

When the water is sourced from Lake Benbrook and other Fort Worth-area lakes, the odor is frequently caused by geosmin. Geosmin is a naturally-occurring compound produced by bacteria in soil and algae that is commonly found in the surface water like our area lakes. Cold temperatures kill off algae in the surface water, and the dead algae release the geosmin; this is why your water may be foul-tasting in the winter months but not the summer.

If your Fort Worth water is odorous and foul-tasting to the point of being undrinkable, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss installing an ozone purification system. Ozone is used to disinfect drinking water and helps greatly with resolving taste and odor issues. Unlike Chlorine, it won’t cause any health issues.

Our fully-automatic ozone purification systems require little to no maintenance and have no history of failure whatsoever. To get started on your water treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call Oliver's Pure Water today at (817) 205-6411.