Water Treatment in Benbrook, TX

Oliver's Pure Water provides Benbrook, TX with water treatment expertise, from water testing to purification. We remove contaminants by oxidizing and filtering your water until it looks, smells, and tastes pure and clean as the driving snow. If you want water treatment for your Benbrook, TX home, we are able to help.

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We have serviced the DFW areas since 1989, but we’ve been purifying Texas water since the late 1800s when our founder J.W. Oliver designed and patented the Oliver Drilling Machine.

In Benbrook, your drinking water is sometimes sourced from Lake Benbrook. Sometimes, water that is sourced from a lake can develop a foul, earthy smell and taste when the lake turns. This is frequently caused by geosmin, a natural compound produced by soil and algae bacteria (Streptomyces). Cold temperatures kill off the algae and cause it to release geosmin, which is why your water sometimes tastes worse in cold-weather months. While geosmin is not toxic and is completely safe to drink, that doesn’t mean you should have to endure it. Our water purification systems use ozone to filter our the geosmin and other contaminants, making your water tasty and odor-free.

Our purification systems can also tackle other common water problems, such as the rotten-egg smell that stems from hydrogen sulfide or excess iron in the water, which can lead to an increase in bacteria that feed off the iron.

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