Rio de Janeiro’s Water Quality Concern for Olympics

polluted waterRio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympics, but concerns are mounting over the water quality for aquatic events. Only 49% of the city’s waste is connected to sewers. The rest runs down hillsides and streams until it ultimately reaches the beaches and lakes – these same waters that will host 3 Olympic events and approximately 350,000 foreign tourists. 

Before sporting events occur in any country, bacterial testing is usually conducted in all recreational waters that will be used. But viral testing conducted by the Associated Press at 4 locations in Rio, 3 of which will host Olympic events, found not one site safe for boating or swimming according to global water experts and standards. Some results measured up to 1.7 million times the level of viruses that would be considered safe on a California beach. The virus concentrations in the water are close to the amount of viruses that would be found in raw sewage. Fortunately, additional viral testing will be conducted, but it is unclear whether these Olympic events will be moved to alternate locations.

Clean Water in Texas

The water in Texas is considered miraculously clean compared to that of Rio’s potentially contaminated water, but that doesn’t mean we are without our share of water problems! For foul-smelling or impure water issues, call our water experts today at 817-205-6411!