Water Purification Systems

Three Water Purification Systems Installed in a Room.

We Are the Water Treatment Company To Call for Water Purification Systems.

Are you looking for water purification systems for your Aledo, TX home? Oliver's Pure Water is the water treatment company to call. We have been in the water purification business for a long time and have what it takes to provide your home with fresh, safe water. If you want to learn more about our water purification products or to make an appointment for a water purification service, please call our water treatment specialists at (817) 205-6411.

How Our System Works

Ozone Pure Water Systems effectively oxidize and filter such contaminants as iron, sulfur, manganese, calcium, magnesium, lime, lead and bacteria resulting in great tasting, color free, odor free, chemical free water. Oliver's Pure Water has many water purification systems dealing with well treatment in Aledo, TX, as well as Bridgeport, Decatur, Weatherford, and neighboring cities.

The Benefits of Our Water Purification Products

  • Our system is Fully Automatic: Ozonator, ozone injection, venting, filtration/filter cleaning are automatic.
  • No Maintenance: Practical ozone unit design. Weatherproof. Surpasses electrical standards.
  • Reliable: Built with longevity and simplicity in mind. There is no pattern of failure on our ozone units.
  • Iron/Iron Bacteria: Soluble ferrous iron, which is not filterable, is oxidized (the process of adding oxygen) to insoluble ferric iron thus making it easily filtered. Bacterial iron can be killed through oxidation and by denying its food source (ferrous iron).
  • Sulfur/Sulfur Bacteria: Odorous hydrogen sulfide, which is not filterable, is converted to elemental sulfur, which can be easily filtered. A portion of the sulfur is devolatilized and off-gassed in step #3. Again the bacterial form is killed and filtered.

Call today at (817) 205-6411 to learn about our water purification systems for your Aledo, TX home to solve well treatment and other water problems.

Our Other Water Treatment Systems

In addition to our water purification systems for Aledo, TX homes, we also offer other types of water treatment systems. Depending on the type of water problem you are dealing with will depend on what type of water treatment will be needed. Our water treatment specialists are able to provide free water testing; once we find out what kind of problem you are having with your water, we can make professional recommendations. These are the other types of water treatment systems that we can provide our clients.

Water Filtration

Water Filtration Systems

Are you experiencing difficulties with the quality, flavor, and also appearance of your house’s water? Although frustrating, this is a pretty normal issue for residence’s and can be rectified immediately with the assistance of a water filtration system. A water filtration system will not just enhance the flavor and appearance of your water, but it can remove particles and substances from your water, also. Get expert water filtration setup, restoration, and upkeep from the honest and dependable water treatment experts at Oliver's Pure Water that will totally modify the standard of your water. To set up an appointment for water filtration or water purification systems in Aledo, TX, contact our water treatment specialists today at (817) 205-6411 to get better water for your residence.

How Will Water Filtration Impact Your Residence?

A Water Treatment Specialist Installing a Water Filter System.

We Also Offer Water Filtration Systems for Your Home.

Without the appropriate water filtration, it is able to cause issues with the quality of your water. Varying things can get through your water, like substances, sediments, and various contaminants that are able to affect the taste, odor, and look of your home’s water. With a whole home filtration system for your house, it is able to remove particles entirely, while saving you money on buying filters for water pitchers and faucets every few months. Ridding your house’s water of contaminants will make your water smell, taste, and appear better, but it will even dispose of scale buildup, not harm your clothing anymore, and completely improve your well-being for better results. So contact us today if you are interested in water filtration or water purification systems in Aledo, TX.

High-Quality Water Filtration Installation, Restoration, and Upkeep

We access water each day, so we must ensure that it tastes and smells great with an expert water filtration setup. Our water treatment professionals will supply our homeowner clients with superior installation, repair, and maintenance. You can depend on our experts to provide you with informative advice on which water filtration system can work for you and your house. Our specialists have many years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining water purification systems, so we are optimistic our services will have you totally contented. Are you looking for water filtration or water purification systems in Aledo, TX? Schedule an appointment for your home when you contact us today.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners

A Water Softener Installed in a Room.

If You Have Hard Water, the Best Solution Is a Water Softener.

Water softeners add a lot of benefits to our homes, so if you are dealing with issues regarding your water softener, don’t hesitate to contact Oliver's Pure Water for water softeners. When your house is prone to hard water, it’s essential to own a water softener. Although hard water can’t hurt you, it can result in lower water pressure, build up of calcium and other deposits, which can not only cause plumbing issues but isn’t very good for your overall health. Oliver's Pure Water wants you to have the best water possible in your home, so if you have hard water, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance! For expert water softeners or water purification systems in Aledo, TX, call our water treatment specialists at (817) 205-6411.

Call Us Regarding Our Reputable Water Softeners Repair Service

For a water treatment company that will provide exceptional water softeners for your house, look no further than Oliver's Pure Water. Our missions are to guarantee our customers are 100% happy and we are able to do that by ensuring your water is as clean and fresh as possible. Don’t suffer through hard water that has the possibility to damage your plumbing and prompt other adverse effects by contacting our water treatment specialists. When you require more information on water softeners or water purification systems in Aledo, TX or need to set up an appointment give us a call today at for outstanding water softener installation for your home.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Have you noticed a strange odor or taste in your home’s water? Bad odors and tastes, cloudiness, and sometimes health problems are caused by small particles within your water. Reverse osmosis water purification systems use a multistage process to filter and clean your water to provide the best taste, color, and health benefits. Learn about each of the benefits of a Oliver's Pure Water reverse osmosis water system, offered throughout Aledo, TX, when you call us today.

What is Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment?

A Reverse Osmosis System Installed Underneath a Sink.

Another Popular Water Treatment System We Can Recommend is a Reverse Osmosis System.

No matter if your home uses city or well water, it may be housing multiple contaminants such as lead, pesticides, and other toxins that enter through your pipe system. A reverse osmosis water system offers purer, healthier water by using several filters along with a semipermeable membrane to eliminate harmful matter quickly. The prefilter removes all large material to protect against clogging within your system, and a more powerful carbon filter starts the treatment process. After passing through these two filters, your water will be pushed through a membrane that removes arsenic, pesticides, chlorine, and more and stored in a pressurized storage tank. Your water will pass one final carbon filter before use to ensure the complete removal of contaminants like metals and chemicals that lead to bad tastes and odors.

Expert Reverse Osmosis System Installation

Get better water quality in your home with the help of our experts. Our experts will perform a full water quality test to identify your needs and deliver choices for affordable reverse osmosis water purification systems. No matter if you’re looking for a point of entry system that delivers cleaner water for your entire home, or an under the sink model that focuses on one faucet, our professionals have the system you’re searching for. We deliver quick, convenient installation, repair, and maintenance for your reverse osmosis system, so you know your water is always at its best.

When you’re in the market for a water treatment system that eliminates dangerous toxins and leaves your water clean and great tasting, a reverse osmosis system could be ideal. Contact the Oliver's Pure Water experts today to get more information about how a reverse osmosis system can help your Aledo, TX home have better, purer water.

Call for Water Purification Systems

When you need water purification systems in Aledo, TX to solve your water issues, call the water treatment specialists at Oliver's Pure Water by dialing (817) 205-6411. We are able to help homeowners in Aledo and the surrounding areas get water purification, filtration, softeners, reverse osmosis, and ozone water treatment for their homes. Contact us anytime and we can provide a free water test to determine what your water problem is and what type of system and product you need.