Preventing Water Pollution at Home

It is a serious matter if you think that your water is polluted. So what are some household causes of water pollution and how do we detect water pollution? Insecticides, heavy metals, chlorine, detergents, sewage, and fertilizers are the most common culprits of what causes your home water supply to be tainted. While there are remedies you can take to try to prevent water pollution from happening like water treatment and filtration units or a water pollution test, you will want to contact your city water supply for a professional water quality test.

Oftentimes, home water supplies get contaminated from simple and common things like a pipe burst that caused the sewer and water lines to mix in a phenomenon known as backflow. But if you and your neighbor are both getting dark colored liquid, then there is something wrong with the city water supply and could be a more serious issue like lead in the water. If you want to prevent water pollution in your Aledo, TX home, call the Oliver's Pure Water plumbers at (817) 205-6411 today for installation of a home water treatment system.

What Are The Five Sources of Water Pollution?

dirty water versus filtered water

Remove Water Pollution From Your Home With Installation of A Whole Home Water Filtration Unit

  • Domestic wastewater sewage. This includes more than just human waste. Anything that gets flushed or drained gets dumped into a river, lake, or tank to then be recycled again. These products often include man-made items that are flushed like detergent, toilet paper, cooking products, cleaning products, and more.
  • Industrial effluents. These types of products are often textiles, metal works, processed food, chemicals, and other harmful waste that has been leached from waste dumps. While many countries have tried to control industrial discharge, illegal dumping, accidents, and breaches keep occuring.
  • Agricultural effluents. Agricultural waste affecting water pollution occurs in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste. Many people think that since human wastewater gets treated to be able to drunken again, that water with animal feces can too. That is not true, as their waste carries different bacteria that is harmful to humans and can lead to serious epidemics like the Bird Flu.
  • Radioactive wastes. When a power plant is too close to a body of water, the radioactive elements leak out and into the nearby soil to travel down to the groundwater. A lot of old power plants used to be built near water banks to dump out chemicals until research discovered the dangers, and now many of these sites are closed off.
  • Thermal pollution. When industrial factories and power plants are also right next to bodies of water, they produce tons of heat while operating. When water gets warm, it affects the plant animal life living inside it. Hot water causes oxygen to decrease, and with no oxygen, fish cannot breathe. This is why you often see large numbers of fish dying suddenly- it is because they all lost oxygen due to an outside source suddenly.
  • Oil pollution. The most dangerous and hard to fix cause of water pollution is oil. There have been so many huge oil tank accidents on the open seas, resulting in thousands of sea creatures suffocating to death. And oil is hard to remove from the ocean too. It’s not like you can just scoop it out, since it separates and settles.

What Are Water Treatment Methods You Can Get?

Depending on what you are looking for in terms of water treatment will determine what kind of water treatment system you need. Are you looking to only remove chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides? Or are you wanting a more advanced system that removes metals as well? A whole home water filtration system can do that. What about a system that does both of those as well as removes bacteria and viruses from water? Then you would need a water purification system. There are also water systems specially catered to only treat one area. For example, an acid neutralizer well pump is for homeowners who have their own water well and who need to balance the pH of the underground water to clear out any harmful bacteria. Home hard water treatment systems are also called water softeners. Water softeners help remove the built up sediment that minerals in natural water leave behind that cause clogs, dry skin, and other irritations.

What are the Ways to Control Water Pollution?

If you are wanting to reduce how much pollution is in your water, you can start by making your home healthier. Adding a home drinking water treatment system like a water purification or a whole house water filtration unit are great ways you can get clean and safe drinking water every day in your home. If you are looking to improve your community, country, or world’s water pollution problems, there are plenty of volunteer organizations you can join to help the planet become a little bit healthier again. For installation of a water filtration unit in your Aledo, TX home to remove water pollution, call Oliver's Pure Water at (817) 205-6411 today.