Chlorine: It’s In More Than Just Your Pool

swimming poolHave you ever noticed the scent of chlorine emanating from tap water? Smaller cities and water providers have been known to put chlorine in their water sources, as it is an efficient and relatively affordable method of decontaminating water. Here we overview some of the effects of chlorinated water to highlight the importance of drinking non-chlorinated water.

The team at Oliver’s has conducted water testing all over the metroplex, and we have encountered water sources that have higher chlorine concentrations than some swimming pools. Water purification is crucial to filter out chlorine, as it is unpleasant to smell in your water and can have adverse effects on your health.

Chlorine is known to aggravate asthma conditions in those with respiratory issues, and can irritate skin with episodes of dermatitis. Children are also more easily affected by chlorine. The effects of prolonged exposure to chlorine are unclear, but they are most certainly adverse.

Water Purification

To avoid drinking in this toxic chemical, water purification is a must. Call our team today at 817-205-6411 to explore purification options for any water system or contaminant.