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Historically Trusted Water Treatment Experts

When it comes to your home, you expect only the best water for your family. But, no matter if you have city or well water, you may be battling hundreds of impurities without knowing it. At Oliver's Pure Water, our experts identify your water’s contaminants and deliver realistic guidance on effective systems for contaminant elimination. We have been in the water treatment industry long enough to see more than our share of water treatment companies come and go. Contact the leading water treatment company around Aledo and Weatherford, TX at (817) 205-6411 when you want water treatment that’s effective and reliable. Our company has stood the test of time because of a few things.

  • Our experience dealing with some of the nastiest drinking water in the country. (which we turned into bottled water)
  • We have NEVER had one of our water treatment systems cut out… EVER.
  • If we size your water treatment system wrong, which we won’t, but if we did… the additional equipment and all costs are on us.

What’s Hiding In Your Water Supply?

Chemicals such as pesticides, metals, and toxins including lead and arsenic, and even biomatter like bacteria and viruses could be in your water supply. Contaminants such as these can contribute to staining on your clothes and dishes, dry, itchy skin, and even breathing and kidney problems. In addition to how contaminated water makes your skin feel it can also affect the smell and taste of your drinking water. If you have a sulfur smell in your drinking water, it could be coming from a few different places. A lot of the time it’s not sulfur or hydrogen sulfide at all, it can be an iron bacteria or the anode rod inside your water heater. Don’t just go with the first guy who tells you, “you have sulfur,” then when he comes out to test the water he only catches the first little bit, then quickly tries to sell you the wrong water treatment system.

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Your Water Treatment Choices

Filtration, Purification, and Pressure Systems

When you’ve been wanting cleaner water in your home, there are multiple routes you can take. Point of entry systems provides safer, healthier water to every faucet in your home, while under the sink models allow your treatment to focus on one specific faucet. Both of these systems present individual benefits and will effectively clean your water, removing particles that cause problems. We help you choose the ideal system for your needs by delivering the information and details you need for each product. Our experts can also help you decide whether filtration, purification, or ozone will be most beneficial for your needs. Call the Oliver's Pure Water specialists at (817) 205-6411 to find out more about your options and which treatment will be best for your needs.

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What We Can Offer You!

While we are able to offer you a wide variety of water treatment systems for your home, there is more that goes into our work. We want you to get the very best water for your residential property, so we will go above and beyond to ensure that you get it. Before we begin any service, we will always provide a free water test. This is to check the quality of your water and see what kind of contaminants and particles are present. Through free water testing and diagnostic runs, we can help identify the problem. Not only that, we can offer our clients warranties, as well as proper sizing of their systems. Give our water treatment company in Aledo and Weatherford, TX a call at (817) 205-6411 to make an appointment or to learn more.