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Water Treatment Experts in Parker and Surrounding Counties

Got foul-tasting tap water? Oliver's Pure Water are the Aledo/Weatherford area's water treatment gurus. Our purification services include systems that oxidize and filter your water to remove any minerals, chemicals or bacteria that may be contaminating it. We service the following areas:

To get you started, we will offer free testing so you can know exactly what is in your water and begin to start treating it in the correct way. Whether it's a: chlorination system, air injection system, Greensand systems, whole house reverse osmosis, U.V. light, or a combination, Oliver's Pure Water has you covered. We explain how each system works and what contaminants they treat before accepting a payment from you.

In addition, we offer a five year warranty on all our water treatment systems. We promise we can give you safe, pure faucet water that rivals bottled water in your house or we will come get the filter and replace it.

Our fully-automatic ozone purification systems require little to no maintenance and have no history of failure whatsoever. To get started on your water treatment and purification services in the Aledo/Weatherford areas, call Oliver's Pure Water today! (817) 205-6411