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Below, our customers in and nearby Aledo, Decatur, Granbury and Weatherford discuss their ozone water treatment experience in testimonials.

Customer Testimonials

"What sold me on Oliver's Ozone Pure Water was when Rique came out he was honest and straight forward. He explained everything to me well. When he came to install my system, he worked his tail off in the hot Texas heat never losing his great attitude. Rique also solved a 6 year long standing issue I had with my sprinkler system. He did it with a 39 cent part. Rique is very knowledgeable about water. Before I hated to brush my teeth with my water, but with my ozone system I truly have bottled water out of every tap in my house."

- Randy Addington, Bear Creek - Cresson, TX

"My water was absolutely horrible, I didn't want to shower in it, much less drink it. Oliver's took my nasty bacteria filled well water and made it wonderful. I never thought I would drink this water, but I do, and lots of it! This is the best water I've ever had."

- Jeanne Edwards, Weatherford, TX

"I was happy with Rique's work. He was a big help solving my water problems. I feel confident his equipment can effectively deal with our water issues."

- Marc Hernadez, Bear Creek - Cresson, TX

"Chlorine, air injection, filtering, I tried it all. Still, that rotten egg smell would come and go along with an occasional burst of black water into the bath tub or shower. Oliver's Ozone system has given me the smell-free, clean water that I didn't think was possible in this area."

- Jeff Davis, Weatherford, TX

"This water is phenomenal! I had a chlorine system before and we still drank bottled water. Oliver's Ozone System has surpassed all our expections, and gives us bottled water quality out of every faucet in our house. THANK YOU OLIVER'S OZONE PURE WATER!!"

- Patrick and Delena Weaver, Weatherford, TX


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