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How Our System Works

Ozone Pure Water Systems effectively oxidize and filter such contaminants as: iron, sulfur, manganese, calcium, magnesium, lime, lead and bacteria resulting in great tasting, color free, odor free, chemical free water. Oliver's Pure Water has many water purification products dealing with well treatment in Aledo, Bridgeport, Decatur, Weatherford and neighboring cities.

Our System: The Benefits

Our system is Fully Automatic.

Ozonator, ozone injection, venting, filtration/filter cleaning are automatic.

No Maintenance.

Practical ozone unit design. Weather proof. Surpasses electrical standards.


Built with longevity and simplicity in mind. There is no pattern of failure on our ozone units.

Iron/Iron Bacteria

Soluble ferrous iron, which is not filterable, is oxidized (the process of adding oxygen) to insoluble ferric iron thus making it easily filtered. Bacterial iron can be killed through oxidation and by denying its food source (ferrous iron).

Sulfur/Sulfur Bacteria

Odorous hydrogen sulfide, which is not filterable, is converted to elemental sulfur, which can be easily filtered. A portion of the sulfur is devolitized and off gassed in step #3. Again the bacterial form is killed and filtered.

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